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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 19, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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good president. >> bret: that was him. the takedown. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> >> jon: tonight, on "the fox report." the disgraced financial super star takes another shot at bailing out on rape allegations. we will see what happened inside the courtroom and why this money man may need to look for a new job. israel's not going to like this. >> the status quo is unsustainable. >> president obama now telling the jewish state how to redraw its borders. plus, as the syrian people demand a transition to democracy, the president lays out an ultimatum for the country's leader. >> president assad now has a
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choice. can lead that transition or get out of the way. >> tonight, new line in the middle eastern sand. any last words, bin laden. last recording from the arch terrorist. tonight bin laden's message from the grave. and first from fox report tonight, the global money man accuse of trying to a rape housekeeper is soon going to walk free. hours ago a judge in manhattan set bail for the former head of the international monetary fund dominic stratus straus khan. today a grand jury indicted him prosecutors argued is he a flight risk and they wanted him under lockdown. he does have the flight risk. he has the personal political annual finance means to flee and
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evade law enforcement. >> he is an honorable man. he will appear in this court and anywhere else the court directs. he has only one interest at this time and that is to clear his name. >> trace: but today the judge said stratus khan can leave jail under certain conditions. live inside the courtroom today and jonathan, when is he getting out do we know? >> even though he was granted bail today he probably will not get out until tomorrow. the judge will not release him until he has satisfied all the conditions of the bail. those are some stringent conditions. he have to put down a million dollars cash for bail, for instance. he have to put down $5 million in collateral. he has to surrender all of his travel documents. he also has to agree to being under 24 hour armed guard and staying at the apartment that his wife has here in manhattan.
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until the authorities are satisfied that all of those conditions have been met, mr. strauss-khan will at least have one more night at rikers island. the tough jail where he has been held since monday, trace. >> it's a great relief to the family to be able to have him with them. we look forward to continuing the defense of this case. >> so, we expect mr. straus chawn to be released from rikers island and head to that new york city apartment. >> trace: what was his demeanor like? what did he seem like in court. >> i watched as he walked into the courtroom. he gave this strange weak smile that appeared to be aimed at the prosecution lawyers. then he sat listening pretty intently as the arguments for
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and against bail were laid out. he was wearing a gla gray suit and light blue shirt. also in court today were his wife and his daughter camille. as they walked in, they walked within one foot of where i was sitting. they were both dressed in black. as they walked, in they held arms. they were arm in arm. they were extremely stoney face and they avoided all eye contact with the media when they left after the court hearing today, they said absolutely nothing, trace. >> and if he walks out of jail tomorrow, when does he show up in court again, john jonathan. >> he will be back in court on unit 6th. that's when he will be arraigned. the indictment was handed down today. all seven counts. the most serious of those two counts of criminal sexual act. they could give him 25 years in jail. although legal experts tell us it's more likely to be around 8 years that he would serve if is he found guilty. none the less, the district attorney cyrus vance said
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outside court today that prosecutors will vigorously pursue this case. he appeared to also take a swipe at complaints in the french media that mr. strauss-khan has not been treated fairly. listen. >> under american law, these are extremely serious charges. based on the grand jury's determination that the evidence supports the non-con essential forced sexual acts. >> so mr. strauss-khan back in court june the 6th. and then we are likely to face a long and arduous trial for all sides, trace. >> trace: jonathan hunt live in new york for us tonight. thanks. president obama drawing a line in the sand today in his speech on the middle east. calling on israel and palestinians to redraw the map creating a new palestinian state and new boundaries for israel we believe the borders in israel and palestine should be based on
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the 18967 lines. secure and recognized borders are established for both states 1967 israel occupied the west bank, gaza strip and heights. benjamin netanyahu calling the old borders indefensible saying, quote, israel believes for peace to endure between israelis and palestinians, the viability of a palestinian state cannot come at the expense of the viability of the one and only jewish state. netanyahu happens to be on his way to the united states to meet with president obama tomorrow. mike emanuel is live for us at the white house. mike, that could be a pretty tense meeting. >> trace, no question about that. prime minister netanyahu and other israelis have been highly critical of the president's suggestion. the president after giving that speech did an interview with the bbc. in it he says if they could work out the geography issues. the territory issues of israel and the palestinian state, there would still be other thorny issues. here is the president with the
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bbc. our argument is, let's get started on a conversation about territory and about security. that doesn't doesn't resolve all the issues. you still have the problem of jerusalem and still end with the problem of refugees. >> the president believes that there is a way to work out the issues over territory then that would open the door for the possibility of making other tough choices. he will have to work on the israelis here at the white house tomorrow, trace. >> trace: mike, the president also had his toughest message yet for syria where the government has been killing its own people, right? >> that's right. we saw egypt and other countries fall quickly but there in syria, there has been tremendous violence. u.s. officials estimating as many as a thousand people killed by the regime so the president spoke out today about the violence in syria. >> syrian people showing transition to democracy. the president assad now has a
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choice. can he lead that transition or get out of the way. >> critics say that president obama should have been stronger and called for assad to leave now. he clearly did not do that trace? >> trace: mike emanuel live at the white house for us thanks. in today's speech president said muammar qaddafi would eventually have to give up power. tonight, qaddafi spokesman calling president obama, quote, delusional. saying the libyan people will decide their future. he is also insisting libya's oil minister has not defected to tunisia, claiming he is there on an official trip. well, usama bin laden also weighing in on the uprisings in the muslim world. al qaeda releasing a new message he recorded before his death. what does he have to say and how recent is it? a live update coming up inside fox report. but, first, news from planet blago as the prosecution rests in its corruption case.
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sniew now, is it time for blago himself to take the stand? we will hear from his legal team? first, arnold schwarzenegger's wife took off after he admitted having a secret love child. so is maria shriver's next stop divorce court? he is the among the biggest movie stars in history. a net worth estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars. but he could lose a big chunk of that change after word that his wife has hired a high profile divorce lawyer. plus, a look at the woman at the center of it all. that's coming up. ♪ until the sun went down ♪
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>> if you want to take on arnold schwarzenegger in court, you better get some serious legal muscle. and there is word his wife maria shriver has just hired a heavy hitting celebrity lawyer. that comes as we get word that this is already having an impact on schwarzenegger's acting career. we have more on that in a
7:13 pm
moment. first, people magazine reports shriver has hired attorney laura wasser is who has celebrities including brittany spears, christine aguilar are a. this comes days after revelations that schwarzenegger fathered a secret love child with a housekeeper about a decade ago. there is reports that have identified the housekeeper as this woman. she is my dread mildred banena. there is a lot of cash at stake here. >> there is schwarzenegger valued at some $400 million. that is talking about everything he has made from his days as a big-time movie star to a fitness guru. even random investments he has made through the years like purchasing a shopping mall in ohio. now, shriver's worth is estimated at about 100 million
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bucks. including cash, of course, from the kennedy family, plus her work as a tv journalist and an author. and legal experts say that it could get awfully dicey when it comes time to divvy everything up, trace, despite governor schwarzenegger's shocking confession this week. >> what do we know about the prenuptial agreement. >> there is a lot of speculation about that a lot of people with r. talking about it first and foremost is there a prenuptial agreement in the first place? if it is, would it still be valid or would it have expired in some 25 years of marriage which analysts say is entirely possible. california, by the way, a community property state. that means if there is no prenuptial agreement then all of the assets are split down the middle in a divorce. this is very much. besides the issue of the enforceability of a prenup. this is a spreadsheet and accounting case. this is what did both of these
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parties have as separate property before they were married. then what was accumulated during their marriage as community property. >> now, there can also be things in that prenup known as a morality provision. so, again, it remains to be seen what the specifics are with this particular case, trace. the lawyers will have to duke it all out. >> for a couple million dollars or so. what do we know about this impacting schwarzenegger's career. >> we are getting late word that he has reportedly asked his talent agency to put a temporary hold on all of his pending entertainment projects so that he has time to iron out his personal life. that, of course, includes the terminator franchise and also the movie cry macho was supposed to be his big return to the silver screen. >> he will be back but just not yet. casey stegall in l.a. thanks very much. schwarzenegger isn't the first and probably won't be the last global super star to be caught up in a sex scandal. in fact, next week marks another milestone in tiger woods' fall
7:16 pm
from grace. when the new world golf rankings come out on monday, he will be out of the top ten. something that hasn't happened in 14 years. woods hasn't won a tournament since the thanksgiving tournament he won in the 2009 car crash which led to revelations of his many extra marital affairs. soon be show time on planet blago. resting its case against the former illinois governor. this is the second trial on trying to sell or trade president obama's old senate seat. could blago testify this time? we know he is dying to take the stand. >> i will fight. i will fight. i will fight until i take my last breath. >> i said repeatedly that these are lies. i have been lied about. the people have been lied to. you in the media have been lied to. >> i will prove my innocence and i will testify. >> but blago's lawyer apparently is not so sure.
7:17 pm
there is certainly a chance, absolutely. we don't know now. we have to make some big decisions this week as to how we present the defense. and no final plans have been made yet. >> blago did not testify at his first trial. the jury deadlocked on all but one charge, convicting him of lying to the fbi. well, the so-called unabomber admitted to setting off a string of deadly explosions. did ted gazinski also use medicine to murder? fox reports on a new twist on three decades old murder mystery. four bucks a gallon for gas. at least it will keep the other drivers off the road and out of your way this memorial day weekend, right? you might want to hear what the experts have to say about that next.
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>> jon: the fbi wants to know whether two of the most notorious killing sprees of the 21st century were carried out by the same man. investigators looking into the unsolved 19 0 tylenol poisoning have requested a d.n.a. sample from the unabomber, ted kaczynski. he has refused to provide a voluntary sample. is he serving a life sentence for a string of mail bombings that killed three people from the mid 1970s to the mid 1990s. the poisons happened in 1982 when seven people in the chicago area died after taking cyanide laced tylenol. the case led to a nationwide recall and prompted over-the-counter drug makers to add tamper proof packaging. anita vogel is with us live now. why are investigators looking at kosinski? >> it's really hard to say. there is a lot of speculation at this point. we don't know whether he actually made a confession or whether they actually have some
7:22 pm
evidence against him linking him to this case it was actually kosinski himself who revealed in court papers that the fbi was asking for samples of his d.n.a. related to this tylenol case. he tried to strike a deal with the fbi, trading his d.n.a. for a promise by the government not to auction off his personal items like his typewriters and his personal journals but the government said no deal and, trace, that option began yesterday. >> trace: of course, his attorney weighed in today. >> of course he did. it's a federal prosecutor that he has had for a long time. his name is john, he says his client was approached three weeks ago by federal officials at the colorado prison where he is being held telling him that the faye fbi wanted his d.n.a. sample. his attorney speaking out today had to this to say, quote: >> i am completely persuaded he has no involvement in this case. he added that his client with will not reports the fbi is in
7:23 pm
the process obtaining that court order to get that d.n.a. stay tuned. >> trace: live, anita, thank you. looks like high gas prices may not stop us from getting to the beach or mountains or wherever we plan on going this memorial day weekend. the auto club a.a.a. reporting 30.9 million americans will hit the road starting a week from day. barely below last year's estimate of 31 million people. a.a.a. also reports the average price of a gallon of record unleaded following another two cents for the second day in a row. down to $3.91. down the street looks like $4.25. explosive debut on the new york stock exchange for the professional social networking web site linked in. shares soaring 110% in the first day of trading after the company's initial public offering. linked in, helps businesses find new workers and promotes networking among its 100 million
7:24 pm
users. first major u.s. social networking site to go public. analysts say response shows investors are hungry for social media-related content on the web. and at the closing bell, the linked in bump helped send stocks higher, dow up 45 points. nasdaq up 8. s&p 500 rose 3. a new message from usama bin laden delivered after his death. tonight, what he has to say and how recently he may have said it. plus, what workers are finding buried at ground zero. >> we notice a -- timber and immediately thought it looks like a piece of a ship. >> that's not all archaeologists have found because all this territory once belonged to the river. >> trash was very useful when you were making land. >> trace: tonight, uncovering the secrets beneath a city. [ m] look outside. it's grow time.
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>> trace: some dogs may bring a stick to throw. others a bit more unusual. >> harley the golden retriever snuggling up there with his buddy the off and fawn. saw her dog nosing around the baby deer which seemed to have lost her mommy. the dogs didn't threaten the deer they just seemed to want to protect it she knew it needed to go home.
7:29 pm
she brought it out to the trees to try to get its mom's attention. >> we brought it back out here to cry to see if the mom would let it come back. after an hour my heart was breaking so we brought it back in. >> trace: back inside and wrapped in a nice blank cet. the fawn got a baby bottle and furry little sleeping companion. >> i thought the deer was its mom. calmed it down. >> nothing is worse than a nervous deer. woods brought it to a woman who raises wildlife. we're told harley the golden retriever was somewhat displeased with that decision. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time now for the top of the news. there is word that no one will get the 25-million-dollar reward for the death of usama bin laden the feds reportedly say that's because no one turned him in. u.s. intelligence used
7:30 pm
electronic surveillance to track him down. president obama talking about bin laden in his speech on the middle east today. listen. even before his death al qaeda was losing struggle for relevant vaps. as the overwhelming majority of people saw that the slaughter of innocence did not answer their cries for a better life bip lad deposit was apparently trying to stay relevant in what we're told may be the final recording he made before his death. the national correspondent catherine herridge works intelligence for us. she is live in our d.c. newsroom. you told bus this tape last week, right? >> i did, trace. we were first to report last week that audio message was found at the compound in auto bad pakistan. investigators are still reviewing the documents and computer files from that compound. tonight they they tell us the bn laden message on the web is that
7:31 pm
last recording from the compound, trace. >> trace: what does he have to say. >> desperate attempt to insert himself and network in the wave of unrest that began in tunisia and the middle east. it's like a terrorist come lately one official reported to fox. bin laden was trying to prove that he was part of these historic events on his home turf and fox news has learned that message was recorded recorded ie april just days before his death, trace. >> trace: he made that recording in late april. what else do we know about it, catherine. >> because there is no reference to hosni mubarak. do not believe he had access to realtime information. u.s. officials believe bin laden never left his compound in the five or six years he lived there for those reasons u.s. officials believe he based the message on old information probably before february 11thth when mubarak resigned. other interesting thing is there
7:32 pm
are multiple versions. he kept one version of the message in the compound that was recovered recently by u.s. investigators and then he sent out a second copy to the couriers for these militant web sites, trace. >> trace: fascinating stuff. catherine herridge live in d.c. >> you are welcome. >> congressional aides say congressional lawmakers agree to extension of the patriot act. controversial measure which became law after the attacks of september 11th. those aides say congressional leaders have okayed renewing three provisions that are about to expire. they allow the government to use roving wiretaps on electronic devices. get court approved access to business records, and conduct surveillance on so-called loan wolf suspects that are not tied to specific terror groups. well, united airlines blaming technical error for causing to to briefly reuse the flight numbers on two planes that were part of the attacks on 9/11. earlier this week the airline reactivated flight numbers
7:33 pm
united 175 which crashed into the world trade center and united 93 which crashed into a field in pennsylvania united has apoll devised and reports it has once again removed those flight numbers from its computers. the rise of freedom world trade center we plan to be there for years to come watching sky scrapers grow from the ground up. but the american ingenuity behind their creation would not be possible if not for some early americans who actually built the land itself. shepard smith reports. it was a ground breaking discovery for archaeology vista gists working at the trorld trade center site. >> we noticed a piece of curved timber and thought my god that looks like a piece of a. >> shepard: shep ship found four
7:34 pm
blocks inland. once zero ground at ground zero. to explain, we peel back four centuries of changing landscape. to a time when the footprints of the twin towers would be under water. early clonists created the land not to make more space but to make more money. >> they were there from the beginning to make a buck. >> historian sarah hen tri said it started in the 1680s when the dutch spotted untapped manhattan real estate. beachy water front property that appeared when the river's tide was out. they begin to sell that and that's when the real landfill begins. >> archaeologists can trace the landfill progress both below and above ground. >> the original shoreline at the time that the first colonists got here was at about greenwich street. right here at the left of the south tower footprint there would have been piers coming out in the water from the shoreline. >> those piers became streets. the water between them became city blocks. to hold it all in place, colonialists laid a grid of retaining walls, like
7:35 pm
underground log cabins, filling them up with earth from leveled hills and a lot of garbage. >> there were no laws regulating what you could throw into the landfill. you could throw in anything. the neighbors always complained about how it smelled horrible. >> despite the smell, the landfill was critical to the shipping industry during america's infancy. >> by increasing the special property at the water front, they could just keep growing the economy that was quickly becoming one of the most important in colonial america. >> shepard: by 1776, the british had completed the land where the twin towers would be built. work stopped during the revolutionary war. then, americans picked up where the brits left off. in the 100s, most of the hills in manhattan were obliterated to create the current new york city street grid. >> the debris from the grading was used to enlarge the infrastructure of the entire shoreline. >> shepard: that pushed the port out into deeper water making
7:36 pm
ideal harbor for bigger and bigger ships. >> new york is now not only the most important port in the united states. it's on its way to becoming the most important port in the entire world. >> for more than 100 years, all of lower manhattan grew up instead of out. it did both when ground was broken for the twin towers in the 1960s. dirt from the dig was reused to create battery park city. it was the last time a landfill was used to expand manhattan. one world trade center stands northwest of the footprints of the twin towers, early americans completed that part of the landfill after declaring independence from england in 1776. the new tower will stand 1776 feet tall. we'll have another story next week about all that symbolism that went into the design of that building and you can catch up on all of our stories from our rise of freedom series on our web site, that's
7:37 pm
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you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series -- a four-year limited warranty dozenof attachments, and endless possibilities. what will you create? our best deals of the season are happening now. learn more at >> trace: the judge presiding over the casey anthony murder trial says he will sware in a three person jury by tomorrow. accused of killing 2-year-old daughter caylee and dumping the body in the woods near her daughter's home. she never even reported her daughter missing. she could face the death penalty if convicted. phil keating with the news live for us in orlando, florida. after a couple of days of going nowhere the jury selection moved along.
7:41 pm
>> it moved along. goes to show how challenging it is to find a jury untainted by all pre-trial publicity. 10 full days of jury selection to hit the magic number of 12. things went so well in the afternoon. now has 12 jurors and four alternates ready to go. keep in mind, more jurors are remaining to be questioned tomorrow. attorneys collectively still have four strikes still in their pockets. for any given reason they could toss out four of the 16. likely mean going through saturday so we have enough alternates to make it through an eight week long trial, trace? >> trace: sudden recess yesterday, phil, kind of immediately sparked a lot of speculation. apparently you are saying it was no big deal? >> yeah, it was a private matter yesterday afternoon and it remained a private meantd this morning. the judge, no one even addressed it. so for all of that speculation that it really meant some intrigue that a plea deal was in the works plea deal to the higher court. jose back in court this morning and he was the one supposedly
7:42 pm
feeling sick yesterday afternoon. he looks fine and fit and forging along. it's all about. this the empty jury box. upstairs behind me here the orange county courthouse filling that with 12 jurors. fair minded jurors and enough alternates so that opening statements can happen monday morning. but, again, trace, this publicity in the case, today's jury selection ended just like it began with a woman being dismissed by the judge because she already believes that casey anthony is guilty and she can't change her mind. >> trace: every time you make a debit card purchase the retailer has to pay transaction fee to your lender. average a little more than 1% of the purchase that adds up to billions of dollars every year. congress passed a bill to bring the charges down. it's set to go in effect in july. but the banks are fighting back and threatening to make consumers pay if they don't get their way. molly henneberg with the news. she is live in washington.
7:43 pm
molly. what will the fees be under the new law? >> hi, trace. it's not set in stone yet. but the law passed by congress allows the federal reserve to set the cap on those debit card swipe fees. and that may be around 12 cents per purchase when the law goes into effect on july 21st. the national retail federation says that will be good for businesses and consumers the average quos 144 crergets. cost of these transactions to the banks was less than 4 cents. so, americans currently pay 10 times more for debit card swipes than it costs the bank to run that transaction. french says the swipe fees equate to a hidden tax. >> trace: banks say they have to jack up prices elsewhere to make up. >> swipe fees cover technology and fraud protection costs and
7:44 pm
the industry contends that this, quote, price fixing by the federal government will not allow banks to cover the cost of doing business. if that's the case, what is a bank going to do? either get out of debit card business entirely or charge for checking accounts or charge for other areas of bank services. >> keating says banks wants to delay the implementation of the law in order to study the impact of the set cap on fees. national retail federation says delaying the law would likely kill it all together. trace? >> molly henneberg live in d.c. thank you. for two years the ceo of citigroup earned a token annual salary of just $1. that's what he asked for after his company got not one but two government bailouts. but now citi is turning a broft against thanks to federal assistance. and pandit could become the
7:45 pm
wealthiest paid. 2 million dollars. citi is the third largest bank. make sure he stays on as ceo. while the surging mississippi has already crested in some towns along the river, but officials are warning people that the disaster in dixie is far from over. and there is word today the flooding has now turned deadly. a live report is next. plus, a major milestone for congresswoman gabriel giffords. in her recovery from a bullet wound to the head. details are next on "the fox report." losing weight clicked for me when i realized
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>> trace: officials in mississippi reporting what may be the first death of the devastating flooding in the deep south. firefighters on boat patrols
7:49 pm
spotted a man in downtown vicksburg yesterday. he died early this morning from an injury related to the flooding. meantime weather service officials say the mississippi has reached its highest point in vicksburg. fortunately it topped out at a level several inches below what officials had predicted there but the high water is expected to linger for weeks. and tonight, we are getting a better look at some of the rescue operations along that swollen river. kris gutierrez is about 130 miles south of vicksburg right on the mississippi near baton rouge, louisiana. kris. >> hello, trace. governor bobby jindal tells me his top priority is public safety. is he using every state asset available. take a look. >> this is about saving lives. >> we have got an exclusive look at the technology in place to help search for stranded people and wildlife. this helicopter is equipped with an freezing rain red camera and
7:50 pm
night vision goggles which make this truck easy to spot in the distance. but without them you can't see a thing. >> it's amazing how clearly i can see everything down there. >> you can see people moving. can you see cars moving. we can spotlight and identify them and we can get help to them and get them out of harm's way. >> in low lying areas like saint landry parish. authorities have already helped evacuate several hundred homes. the sheriff worries about those who haven't left. he relies on these state resources if necessary. >> land lines are going to be down. cell phone towers are cut off. not going to be able to reach out and call us. if we get breaching level thousands of people that are going to get stranded and needed rescue. >> we saw in katrina people went to bed and woke one 3 or 4-foot of water in their homes. massive rescue. we don't want that to happen. we are not going to let that happen. >> tonight we are in a boat operated by the u.s. geological survey. keeping a close eye on how high this water is and how quickly
7:51 pm
it's moving. tomorrow, take a closer look how they collect their information. trace, back to you. >> trace: kris gutierrez live in baton rouge tonight. thank you. doctors in houston say congresswoman gabriel giffords is awake and communicating. after a procedure yesterday to repair a hole in her skull, using a piece of custom made plastic. surgeons originally made that hole to relieve pressure on the congresswoman's brain after a gunman shot her in the back of the head in january. her doctors say he is now calling her gorgeous geab and we're told she can stop wearing that helmet that had been protecting her head. >> she hates the helmet. she tells us about it every day. she actually, someone wrote 517/11 on the top of the helmet as the final date. that's it. she has been looking forward to this for a while. >> we got update from her husband mark kelly on a live
7:52 pm
interview on america's newsroom from the space station. >> i got an email from her neurosurgeon yesterday. it went great. as well as he could expect. recovering. it will be back at the rehab' hospital sometime today or tomorrow. >> her husband also says is he looking forward to the time when congresswoman gabriel giffords can return to arizona. commander kelly also expressing some relief today after astronauts completed the main objective of shuttle endeavour's mission. this installed a 2 billion-dollar device that could reveal more about thorins of our universe. nasa commanders also paying close attention to endeavour's heat shield. found damage during inspection yesterday and the astronauts will take a closer look this weekend. well, fox top stories coming up. plus, online porn has cut into playboy's marketed share. but now. the magazine is making a move to keep up with the digital age.
7:53 pm
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♪ >> trace: new option with anybody with old issues of playboy magazine stashed beneath the bed. chicago company launching subscription based service allows viewers who see every page playboy has ever published. for all those people who claim they bought the magazine for the articles, those are also part of the deal. along with the centerfolds and the party jokes. playboy's print circulation has dropped significantly in recent years. up dating some of our top stories tonight. president obama says hamas participation in the palestinian government complicates peace talks with israel. the u.s. considers vaughnian backed hamas a terror organization. the president says an independent palestine should be based on the borders from 1967. a new york judge allowing the former boss of the international monetary fund to leave jail on condition he stay under house
7:57 pm
arrest on sexual assault charges. he is expected to post $1 million cash bail and walk free sometime tomorrow. dominique strauss-khan resigned as head of the imf last night. and the office of former governor arnold schwarzenegger says his movie career is on hold as he gets his personal life in order. this after he acknowledged fathering a child with his family's household more than a decade ago. maria shriver has just hired a heavy hitting celebrity lawyer. and on this day in 1962, marilyn monroe sang happy birthday to president john f. kennedy. it all went down madison square garden 10 days before the commander and chief's 45th birthday. attended a fundraiser for jfk and reportedly passed a gold rolex to one of the president's aids as a gift. the president reportedly told
7:58 pm
the aide to get rid of it of course, many speculated that the two were having an affair. marilyn's birthday serenade was one of her last public performances. last than three months later her psycho analysts found her dead in her home. ms. monroe sang to the president 49 years as today. that's "the fox report" for thursday, may 19th, 20011. i'm trace gallagher in to shepard smith. thanks for having us in your home tonight. back to "studio b" 3:00 p.m. eastern and 12 pacific. fox news announced the winners of the eighth annual fox news college challenge. contest open to journalism and communication students around the nation. research, write and produce compelling news stories and a panel of fox news anchors and editors chooses the best entry. this year's winner comes from the university of missouri columbia. it's a story about controversial state regulation on puppy mills. >> chain linked fence that
7:59 pm
divides a state, nearly split right down the middle. the way we raise our puppies, we have got our hands on them all the time. >> for puppy breeder dave miller a newly passed ballot initiative more than politics. >> i have been in favor of the legislation that's been introduced to modify propb to allow us to continue to operate and feed our families and raise these boys. >> trace: the winners emily and blaine and on "fox & friends." they are set to graduate with degrees in broadcast journalism. each received a check for 5,000 dollars. their school got $10,000. one of the biggest challenges was finding people willing to talk on camera. >> we had to make a lot of phone calls. especially with a breeder to get someone willing to allow our cameras to come into their facilities because it was a very controversial issue in missouri.


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